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Project Summary

The interior design company Granit Funktion & Förvaring AB experienced problems with a number of glassware  which were damaged during transport in 2019.

The packages consisted of a 1.5 mm corrugated board, e-flute, and had bubble wrap as packaging, which not only meant increased repackaging times but also a negative unboxing experience for the customer. In times of increased e-commerce and with tough competition where the customer experience weighs heavily, this was unacceptable.

A survey was initiated where competitors’ packaging solutions were reviewed, responsible for e-commerce and chain supply were interviewed and impact-testing was done. This showed a variety of solutions where different types of paper and plastic packaging were used, but a difficulty in creating a consistent customer experience was consistently noticed. The majority of the resources had been spent on delivering products to e-commerce customers from a purely practical perspective, but very little had been done to convey the feeling created by the companies in other channels and in the physical stores.

Final prototypes were developed for three different types of glassware; a press coffee maker, a drip coffee maker and a glass carafe. All designs minimized impact damage and were easy to fold, unpack and recycle. The designs was economically planned to maximize the design surface. Pallet optimization was taken into consideration for the packaging to be as economically and environmentally sustainable as possible. Granits’ graphic expression was well preserved and the packaging offered a good unboxing experience whether it was in the physical store or through e-commerce.

To treat e-commerce as an “extra register”, ie something that is given the same weight as the remaining touchpoints, has been given great importance during the development of the new packaging. Overall, we believe that the packaging can be more than just a mean of transport, but actively build on the added value of specifically buying a Granit product.


This project was a collaboration with Sara Elebro. I am proud of what we have accomplished together, and it was a joy working with you so thank you